About this Auction

About This Auction

The charming and imaginative collection of dogs, pups and fire hydrant are looking for a good home. 

Unlike real dogs, these will not chew your favorite pair of shoes or need to be walked when it is zero degrees out. They won’t eat you out of house and home or run up big vet bills. They are good with children and will get along with all family members. You don’t have to worry about them barking at neighbors.

Created to celebrate Lake Bluff's 125th anniversary, the dogs featured on this site are being sold, via online silent auction, to the highest bidder. Winners will take them home in October, after the public display closes. Please join us in thanking our generous sponsors: their donations led to the creation of these fabulous pieces, and proceeds of the sale will benefit Lake Bluff History Museum. 

Opening bids start at $200 (fire hydrant), $300 (pups), $550 (dogs) and $800 (a few "new" dogs to be created by specified artists). The bidding will close at 9 p.m. on September 30th. Winning bidders will be notified within 48 hours of the close of bidding and arrangements will be made for payment via cash, check or credit card, and pick-up. Buyers must to be able to arrange pick-up in Lake Bluff.

Questions? Call 847-482-1571 or email

Place your bid now to make one of these special dogs part of your home!